Case Study: 183 Sales Opportunities in 5 Months for Klaviyo Email Marketing Agency

Case Study: 183 Sales Opportunities in 5 Months for Klaviyo Email Marketing Agency

This how we got a Klaviyo E-mail agency 183 sales opportunities in 5 months.

We define a 'Sales Opportunity' as a meeting-ready lead interested in your product or services.


This client was an Email-marketing agency, offering Klaviyo services.

This included setting up and optimizing email marketing campaigns with proper segmentation and automations on a no-cure no-pay basis.

Before they partnered with us:

Up until the point that we partnered with them they relied mostly on referrals to get new clients. Additionally, they manually send out a few emails and cold DM’s a day to eCom stores in order to get leads.

These methods has no scalability and therefore resulted in a dry pipeline.

We took them on a partner.

After we took them on as a partner we had to not only build out our client acquisition system, but optimize their entire sales process.

We created the infrastructure to generate consistent leads, then coached them on how to actually convert these leads into meetings, and the trained them on how to close these deals.

Here’s how we did it:

Lead Sourcing

We gathered domain data on eCommerce stores located in The Netherlands.
To combined this data with various other sources to get a proper list of ecom stores and their owners.

Next, we verified each prospect to make sure the contact details we valid and prospect matched the clients ICP.

Domain & Inbox Setup

We used web of sending accounts that were all routed to a master inbox, as shown on the picture below.

This method allows us to send relatively high volume email campaigns hurting domain reputation.

Testing & Optimization Strategy

We tested several campaigns with different email scripting until we found a winner.

Luckily this offer sells pretty easy, so the campaigns were successful from day 1.

Spam Monitoring

We closely monitored deliverability of each inbox on all major ESPs (Email Service Provider’s).

Meaning that the moment one of our inboxes was not landing in gmail, hotmail, outlook or other email platforms anymore, we were notified and could take that inbox out of our campaigns, and replace it by backups.

Campaign Results

Before working with us, they were just starting out and couldn't generate leads, and had a lot of trouble closing deals.

During our partnership we managed to completely change this and implement a system that:

  • Consistently brought them new meeting-ready leads
  • Improved their entire sales process
  • Increased their deal closing capabilities
  • Gave them 183 sales opportunities in 5 months.

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