Case Study: 104 Sales Opportunities in 2 Months for eCommerce Growth Agency

How we got one of UK’s top eCommerce agencies 104 qualified sales opportunities in 2 months. Thereby growing their pipeline, and making client acquisition much more predictable.

We define a 'Sales Opportunity' as a meeting-ready lead interested in your product or services.


This client is one of the UK’s top eCommerce growth agencies and helps companies grow to 7 and 8 figures by leveraging advertising on multiple platforms, email marketing, and consultancy.

Before they partnered with us:

They were already very successful before they partnered with us, but could definitely use help in growing their pipeline even further and making their client acquisition more predictable.

Before working with us they had a hard time getting a system in place that would consistently book meetings with qualified prospects.

We took them on a partner.

We knew eCommerce is relatively hard currently to get good results for compared to other industries. However, since we have a system that outperforms competitors, and the fact that this was an established company with great case studies we took them on as a partner and set out to help them scale their business and build a predictable system to fill their pipeline.

Here’s how we did it:

Lead Sourcing

We pretty much had carte blanche to do whatever we thought necessary in order to get great results.

Because of this, we wanted to cast a very wide net, over many different GEOs and verticals, to see what would perform best.

Our lead researches extracted domain names of eCommerce stores doing at least a $100k/month in revenue in a variety of countries including the UK, the US, Australia, and Canada.

Next, we enriched this data with contact information of key decision-makers within those companies.

The whole list of prospects was thoroughly cleaned and verified so ensure that each of them matched the ICP perfectly and the contact information was valid.

Domain & Inbox Setup

Since this client could handle a lot of volume and given the fact that reply rates tend to be lower in the eCom industry, we set out to build a massive setup that could send thousands of emails per day.

We deployed our system which is able to send high-volume email campaigns with strong deliverability, using a web of email inboxes that spreads out the total volume in a fashion we call ‘load balancing’.

Testing & Optimization Strategy

During this partnership, we did a lot of testing.

Since we were not limited to a specific offer and country, we could take any of the offers they had, mix them, create new ones, add guarantees etc… We could make it as suitable for cold outreach as possible.

This resulted in testing many angles, from growth partnership to TikTok ads, to eCom consultancy.

This was again split-tested over a variety of GEOs and scripts, to single out the 1 or 2 best performing campaigns, that would be scaled up.

Spam Monitoring

We closely monitored deliverability of each inbox on all major ESPs (Email Service Provider’s).

Meaning that the moment one of our inboxes was not landing in gmail, hotmail, outlook or other email platforms anymore, we were notified and could take that inbox out of our campaigns, and replace it by backups.

Campaign Results

Before working with us, this eCom growth agency suffered from non reliable client acquisition methods.

During our partnership we managed to completely change this and implement a system that:

  • Delivered 104 qualified sales opportunities in 2 months
  • Gave them a consistent client acquisition method
  • Has their sales team super busy
  • Keeps generating new meetings and deals with their ideal clients

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