Case Study: 264 Sales Opportunities in 12 Months for Ecom Agency

Case Study: 264 Sales Opportunities in 12 Months for Ecom Agency

This is how we got a D2C eCommerce agency 262 qualified sales opportunities in 12 months of working with us.

We define a 'Sales Opportunity' as a meeting-ready lead interested in your product or services.


This client is a performance-based eCommerce agency, offering Facebook advertising services for eCom stores, and is slowly expanding into TikTok Ads and content creation as well.

Before they partnered with us:

Up until the point that we partnered with them they relied mostly on referrals to get new clients. Additionally, they manually send out a few emails and cold DM’s a day to eCom stores hoping to get noticed. 

These methods proved to be non-scalable and too time-consuming.

We took them on a partner.

Since this client had a performance-based offer we knew it would do well with our system. Nowadays it is hard to get results in the eCommerce industry without having a strong offer like this.

Here’s how we did it:

Lead Sourcing

Using our own custom scraping methods we scraped the web for domain names of eCom stores matching the ICP of our client.

Next, we enriched these datapoint with other data sources to get match each domain with the contact info of their CEOs, Owners, and CMOs / Marketing Managers.

Now, we had all the contact info including names and email addresses of the key decision-makers from our target market.

Domain & Inbox Setup

Since reply rates in eCom tend to be lower than in other industries, we knew we had to send more emails than usual. Previously this meant you had to change to high-volume email campaigns that came with low deliverability.

We’ve developed a system in which we’re able to send high-volume email campaigns with strong deliverability.

Using a web of email inboxes that spread out the volume over each of them in a fashion we call ‘load balancing’.

Testing & Optimization Strategy

We tested a/b tested several scripting styles until we found a clear winner.

Campaigns were run in several GEOs including The Netherlands, Germany, Nordic countries and the United Kingdom.

To further optimize the deliverability of the emails, we used a method called ‘Spintax’.

Which alters each email slightly, by replacing words with synonyms.
This results in each email being completely unique, resulting in better deliverability compared to sending out the same email thousands of times.

Spam Monitoring

We closely monitored deliverability of each inbox on all major ESPs (Email Service Provider’s).

Meaning that the moment one of our inboxes was not landing in gmail, hotmail, outlook or other email platforms anymore, we were notified and could take that inbox out of our campaigns, and replace it by backups.

Campaign Results

Before working with us, this eCom agency was just starting out and had only a handful of clients.

After our partnership we've skyrocket their business and:

  • Received 264 meeting-ready leads in 12 months
  • Was able to close high value clients because of our leads
  • Finally had a reliable and scaleable client acquisition method

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