Outbound Lead Generation & Demand Generation

Scaling Sales Opportunities

We offer outbound lead & demand gen services to high ticket B2B service providers. Getting you qualified sales meetings with your top-tier companies, filling your pipeline, and increasing your deal flow. Accelerate your acquisition-of-funnel client acquisition.

The Exact Steps We Take
To Fill Your Pipeline

1. Extract Data

Our team of researchers extracts & verifies decision-maker contact info to ensure it's valid and matches your ICP.

First, we establish your Ideal Client Profile (ICP) and determine all their characteristics. Next, we manually build (not buy!) and verify high-quality contact lists, with the names and email addresses of decision-makers in key departments within your target market.

2: Build Sequences

Our team of researchers extracts & verifies decision-maker contact info to ensure it's valid and matches your ICP.

We specialize in writing cadences that pique interest of high-level decision-makers. Each email is highly personalized and feels natural and non-salesy in tone.

Our emails are considered valuable by prospects, thereby realizing far above industry standard reply & interest rates.

3: Scale Outreach

Our tech specialists build out the infrastructure that will enable high-volume, personalized email campaigns that land in the inbox 99.8% of the time.

In the past, a trade-off had to be made between high volume unpersonalized email campaigns with low deliverability (land in spam). And low volume, personalized email campaigns with better deliverability (land in inbox).

We’ve cracked the code and built a robust system that is able to send high-volume, highly personalized email campaigns with perfect deliverability. Using in-house developed methods leveraging load balancing, benching, and domain rotation.

4: Flood Pipeline

We start flooding your pipeline with highly qualified sales opportunities interested in your services.

Replies start coming in from our email campaigns. Your dedicated account manager filters these manually to select and qualify opportunities.

The most qualified sales opportunities are directly linked to your CRM, including all relevant lead and company data.

**Be prepared to hire more sales reps at this point to keep up with demand.

Schedule Consultation
Sales Opportunities
All of our partners experience positive ROI because you’re guaranteed to receive a certain amount of sales opportunities each month.
B2B Data Solution
We never buy lists of prospects. We build & verify our own contact lists with data points on key decision-makers.
Land in Inbox
99.8% of the Time
Our campaigns outperform significantly due to our proprietary tech setup enabling us to never land in spam.
Data Enriched
CRM Link
Sales Opportunities are directly linked to your CRM and enriched with valuable prospect & company data to give your sales team an edge in closing the deal.
Account Manager
Receive your very own account manager, simplifying communications, giving your team a direct line of contact.
Reply Handling
Training & Support
Your team receives full training and weekly support calls on how to handle sales opportunities to get the most out of them.


What is a Sales Opportunity?

We define a Sales Opportunity as a person in your target market indicating he/she is interested in talking to you about your services.

Who Is This For?

Service-based companies with a high-ticket B2B offer.

Companies who do not want their team to waste time doing outbound prospecting all day, and rather have them focus on closing and bringing in actual revenue.

Companies with a strong, compelling offer and value proposition, and that are good at closing deals but don’t have the time, resources, or expertise to generate more leads. 

Companies who know that one of the most important pillars to scaling their business is a consistent, scalable lead flow and pipeline.

Is this safe for my brand & reputation?

Yes. Our natural tone, personalized email cadences are considered valuable by prospects who receive them. Additionally, our email scripts are always approved by the client before sending.

What's the difference with LinkedIn Social Selling?

LinkedIn Social Selling is slightly more long-term focussed. Building a strong LinkedIn presence and position of authority in your niche, resulting in inbound leads.

Scaling Sales Opportunities is focused on outbound prospecting. Directly approaching key decision-makers in your target market with interest-piquing messaging. Resulting in sales opportunities in the short-term as well.

How Does Your Pricing Work?

Our services always contain a performance element to align incentives between the client and us. We only win when you get great results.

We guarantee a positive ROI, and can happily state that none of our clients has ever had a negative ROI from our services.

Is There A Guarantee?

Yes. We guarantee a certain amount of sales opportunities each month, calculated in a way that aims to cover our entire fee when you ONLY sign 1 new client.

How Big Is Your Team?

We currently have 8 team members, ranging from tech specialists, lead researchers and copywriters to sales reps and operations professionals.

Case Studies of this Service

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