LinkedIn Social Selling

We will make you a LinkedIn content creator and lead-generating machine, without doing any of the hard work.
We will ghost-write viral content for your LinkedIn profile and connect you with key decision-makers you want to land as clients. Flooding your calendar with qualified leads.

How We Win LinkedIn
Engagement, Trust, and Sales Opportunities

1. LinkedIn Profile Optimization

We’ll polish your profile and position you as an industry expert attracting qualified inbound leads.

We start out by analyzing who you are, and how you help people. We position you as an authority in your field and optimize your LinkedIn profile according to whats actually converting inbound leads.

2: LinkedIn Lead Generation

We’ll build your ideal network of potential clients.

We do ‘outbound to get inbound’, meaning we strategically connect you to your ideal customers with personalized messages. They are now in your funnel and keep getting primed by your content. So when the time comes that they need your service, they know you are the person they need, resulting in a lot of inbound leads.

3: LinkedIn Thought Leadership

We show your target market the expertise you have.

Due to our network building, you now have an audience of high-level decision-makers in your target market. With some input, but little time from you, our copywriters craft expert content in your niche. Making you stand out in your niche as a 'thought leader', or authority, and the go-to person with deep industry knowledge. Leading to immense amounts of inbound leads.

4: LinkedIn Inbound Leads

The combination of network building and thought leadership starts to yield outsized returns.

The power of combining targeted network building with potential clients, and posting expert niche content has proven to be a spectacular inbound lead-generating vehicle, with much higher conversion rates due to the trust involved.

Schedule Consultation
Grow Pipeline
with Sales Opportunities
As a result of the expert content & lead generation campaigns, your pipeline will grow exponentially with people wanting to work with you.
Post Expert Content
3x per Week
Our copywriters post expert content on your optimized LinkedIn profile three times a week, designed to position you as an industry expert. Generating dozens of inbound leads each month.
Build Valuable Connections
in Target Market
We’ll build your ideal audience at scale. We do outreach to relevant prospects in your target market. Connecting you with key decision makers you want to work with.
Data Enriched
CRM Link
Sales Opportunities are directly linked to your CRM and enriched with valuable prospect & company data to give your sales team an edge in closing the deal.
Account Manager
Receive your very own account manager, simplifying communications, giving your team a direct line of contact.
Reply Handling
Training & Support
Your team receives full training and weekly support calls on how to handle sales opportunities to get the most out of them.


What is Social Selling?

We define a Sales Opportunity as a person in your target market indicating he/she is interested in talking to you about your services.

Who Is This For?

Service-based companies with a high-ticket B2B offer.

Companies who want to build a inbound lead generating machine for years to come, by building an online presence on LinkedIn, and being known as the go-to person in your particular niche or industry. 

Companies with a strong, compelling offer and value proposition, and that are good at closing deals but don’t have the time, resources, or expertise to generate more leads. 

Companies who know that one of the most important pillars to scaling their business is a consistent, scalable lead flow and pipeline.

How do you know what to post and who to reach out to?

During our onboarding process we get to know exactly who you and your business are, and do deep niche research, as well as decide on a range of niche topics to base content around. Our in-house copywriters will craft viral content suited to perform well on LinkedIn.

Our lead researchers will build an ideal customer profile (ICP) and extract data of key decision-makers in your target market that we will build connections with, and, that will subsequently watch and engage with the content on your profile.

Can I approve the content before it's posted?

Yes. In the beginning phases of our partnership, things like content topics and content/writing style are discussed. Additionally, each piece of content will be shared with the client for approval.

What's the difference between this offer and Scaling Sales Opportunities?

LinkedIn Social Selling is slightly more long-term focussed. Building a strong LinkedIn presence and position of authority in your niche, resulting in inbound leads.

Scaling Sales Opportunities is focused on outbound prospecting. Directly approaching key decision-makers in your target market with interest-piquing messaging. Resulting in sales opportunities in the short-term as well.

How Does Your Pricing Work?

Our services always contain a performance element to align incentives between the client and us. We only win when you get great results.

We guarantee a positive ROI, and can happily state that none of our clients has ever had a negative ROI from our services.

Is There A Guarantee?

Yes. We guarantee a certain amount of sales opportunities each month, calculated in a way that aims to cover our entire fee when you ONLY sign 1 new client.

How Big Is Your Team?

We currently have 8 team members, ranging from tech specialists, lead researchers and copywriters to sales reps and operations professionals.

Case Studies of this Service

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